Running For Mayor of Charlottetown


Your city. Your Voice. Your Choice.

Running For Mayor of Charlottetown

Kim Devine For Mayor

Your city. Your Voice. Your Choice.

Together, let's make a difference. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

This election is about the future of our city.

Charlottetown is a vibrant, successful city that is experiencing unprecedented growth. New development is essential to support a growing population while continuing to strengthen our sense of community. I look forward to the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to City Hall.

About The Candidate

I'm excited about the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to City Hall, and I want to share a bit more about who I am...

First and foremost, I am a mother of 3 grown children - Megan, Glynis and Sam. Raising my kids in Charlottetown gave them a sense of independence and connections to a strong, caring community. Now that my kids are adults, I can see how growing up here has influenced them positively - they participate actively in city life, and are proud to call it home.

Shared values. Shared opportunities.

Like many of my neighbours in Charlottetown, I believe in equal opportunity, collaboration, creativity, and sustainability. I will use a collaborative approach in leadership to ensure that everyone has a voice in decision making and to create equal opportunity so that citizens and businesses can thrive and prosper. I am dedicated to encouraging innovation and creativity to drive economic growth in all sectors, ensuring that our City is sustainable in all its practices.

Together, let's move forward.

I look forward to meeting residents over the next few months and listening to their concerns and ideas about how we move our city forward.

Get in touch by sending an email, or calling 902-370-2560.

Drop by my Campaign Headquarters at  480 University Avenue!

How to vote in the Charlottetown Municipal Election

Step 1: Determine which ward you live in:

Step 2: Register to vote:

Step 3: Choose which date works for you: 
Saturday, Oct. 27 (9am-7pm) - 1st advance polls
Monday, Oct. 29 (9am-7pm) - 2nd advance polls
Friday, Nov. 2 (9am-7pm) - 3rd advance polls
Monday, Nov. 5 (9am-7pm) - Main polling day

Step 4: Find out your ward’s polling location.
(Residents in Ward 1 must also determine their polling division)
If you live in Ward 1, you can check your polling division here:

Step 5: Cast your vote. If you need a drive to your polling location, book a free ride here:

If you have any questions about the voting process, don’t hesitate to call our campaign headquarters at 902-370-2560 or email